2021. Here we go

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Hello fellow Reader, let me wish you a Happy New and more productive Year.

The end of 2020 was a bit rough for me as many things were happening in my work and private life as well. Because of that of course the Game Jam participation was also cancelled by me but it still mean a lot for me from growth perspective.

Apart from having some private matters (eg.: buying a house) I started to have some focus on improving my home office and now I have my corner of the apartment upgraded. I’ve bought a 3-arm monitor stand to enable me to use my old display along with my laptop and the same time free up valable desk-space. Speaking of the laptop: I’ve managed to build a DIY laptop stand which can be mounted to one of the VESA arms of the monitor stand. I also bought a USB-C PD HUB with an almost perfect result: everything is connected now trough a single port, but not all accessories are working perfectly. From the perspective of workflow however I still managed to have many benefits with the new setup.

I’m pretty much sure I’ll improve the new desk-setup through the following years but currently I’m pretty satisfied with the dual monitor setup, with the option of the third display which is my iPad Pro using Sidecar. It just perfect for managing my notes in Notion, but also seems to be working well for code editing in Rider while the two main displays can contain Unity and other important stuff.

I’ve decided that currently I’ll go with Apple’s main peripherals such as Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse, some tasks however requires more capabilities from a mouse so I’m keeping my gaming mouse handy as well.

So what will happen this year, what goals I have? After giving some time to think through everything there are some obvious and not so obvious things as well.

In 2020 I wasn’t progressing with the new project as I wanted to so I definitely need to improve on this matter this year. Also I want to broaden my vision through reading so I already fired up my Kindle which will be one of the often used non-development tools this year for me (hopefully).

I’ll also move in to our new home somewhere in Q1 which will yield the second step of recreating my working environment completely, while it also will improve my mental health and enables me and family to have huge walks, cycling events in a much more quiet place than the city we’re currently living in.

Oh and I almost forgot one more thing: at the end of the year I’ve invested as well into GameDev. I’ve subscribed to the videos of Thomas Brush maybe one or two years ago but now he created a whole series, a training on How to become a Full Time Game Dev. If you’re interested as well please go and check out his page, he’s a very smart and humble game dev.

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