Why and how I replaced my phone with my laptop

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So I accidentally broke my Lumia 520. The final attack from the gravity was so lucky, that the phone hit the ground with it’s corner, and the touch screen doesn’t really touchable anymore. Well, I’m not a big phone-user so there was a couple of solutions for this problem (until I can get a new device). 

  • don’t have a phone, so I’m only available on the internet via various social networks and IMs
  • don’t have a phone, but get a number for my Skype, and make sure to have a way to call mobile phones from my laptop.

Obviously I had chosen the second option, the only problem was to choose the IM that can start calls to mobile phones and landlines to Hungary. There are three solutions for this: Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts. For me, Viber has the lowest prices and the only-ring calls are free to start. So my final solution: Skype Number and Viber Out. I hope this info actually helps others and thank you if you have read this section anyway 🙂

Also, I’ve some info about the update for the blog. I’ve decided to leave out Grunt from the plan, and instead, I’ve jumped into Gulp. I think everything is ok by now, but one last task that I want to make is to utilize the gulp-uncss plugin. So there will be a big update for the site soon. The main features I’ve achieved:

  • easy to use Jade templates
  • the well-known GFM format for the posts
  • image optimization (gulp-imagemin)
  • using less for formatting
  • cleanup the dist folder to always have that fresh start
  • gulp-watch and gulp-livereload to have a good taste in the developer-mouth
  • Using Moment.js for well-formatted dates
  • fancy output for the gulp-tasks
  • track the posts in JSON format

In the meantime, I’ve switched my main editor from Vim to Atom. I’m very surprised and very satisfied with it. I’ve used in the past various editors and IDEs, but they were slow, or other problems happened. There are still some very frustrating bugs in Atom, but it’s stable, fast, and it has many plugins, themes, functionality that makes my work easier. So… Thank you, developers, you did a really great job in my opinion!

Atom. The first thing I start after booting my computer.

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