A little pause…

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There was a bit of silence in the life of the blog. But not in my developer life.

A friend of mine and me have started a project in Unity3D. Yeah. The problem was my enthusiasm, and not that we missed some tools. Nope. It was me. It was my fault. Step next to the wall, and blind your eyes…

Ok. So what’s this game is about? Well, it’s not a big platform game, or FPS or RTS or some MMORPG. Nope. It’s a small logic puzzle game. Yeah! Perfect to start experimenting in game development, perfect for learning, and perfect to be creative. There are some shots from the beginnings, but the main differences in the deepness of coding heaven. And of course: scene settings. The target platforms for this game are mobile devices. Mobiles, and tablets. Android and iOS. Maybe Windows Phones. We don’t know yet.

And here are some shots from the past:

The first objects, experimenting without any game logic
A big step forward, we have a working game logic, new objects/textures, new game mode. Still needs to improve. 
Some fun with my own models, and textures. Subject: optimization. 
Another fun session, experimenting with a modified texture theme, more pieces of stuff on the table. 

After the 2nd shot was born, we got some reviews from our friends who saw the game, and we are currently planning to implement those suggested things. I hope you are interested in more content about the game because there will be more and more posts about it. Keep reading, keep play!

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